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  • Man on bike

Daniel’s Story


A keen alpine mountain biker, Daniel was just 27 when he was told he needed a replacement heart valve. As a supercar designer at McLaren, Daniel used his engineering background, and mindset, to investigate the best pathway to enable him to continue his active lifestyle...

Watch Michele’s story


Michele, a staff nurse in Anesthetic and Recovery, talks about how she took an active role in her heart valve replacement. And her surgeon, Karen Booth, tells us what it was like to operate on a colleague...

Michele’s Story


A staff nurse in Anaesthetic and Recovery, Michele has an active, demanding job. So, when she began to experience initial symptoms of breathlessness and feeling faint, Michele assumed it was stress related. But, a year later, she was diagnosed with aortic stenosis...

Watch Marie’s story


Marie tells us how she made an active choice to ensure she could continue to enjoy playing sport and travelling after her heart valve replacement...

Jo’s story


Born with a bicuspid aortic valve, diagnosed when she was just six weeks old, Jo always knew that one day she might need a heart valve replacement. Thirty-four years later when that day came...

Marie’s story


Following a visit to her GP, Marie discovered she had a bicuspid aortic heart valve. When her condition worsened and she was told she needed a replacement heart valve, Marie wanted to...

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